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aloe rid shampoo guide

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ALOE RID Hair Detox Shampoos: Which is Best?

Nexxus Aloe Rid was a detoxifying shampoo made by the company Nexxus. Although this was created as just a regular detox shampoo, drug users started using it to try and pass their hair follicle tests.

The original Nexxus aloe rid formula was discontinued because of the intense damage it was doing to people’s hair. This formula was incredibly strong and people were finding that it left their hair dry, damaged, and unhealthy.

The demand for a potent detox hair product like this aloe rid remained high though, and because the supply decreased, everyone was worried about how to get more of it. Prices for a bottle of Nexxus shampoo sold for over $200 and once these ran out, a new version of aloe rid, knock offs, and other fake products began being sold in place of that original formula.


How did Aloe Rid become so popular in hair detox to pass a hair drug test?

Drug users found that the aloe rid original Nexxus formula shampoo was an effective way to get their hair clean enough to pass a drug test.

By using a detox shampoo for drugs like aloe rid, you can remove drug metabolites from hair much faster than by just detoxing naturally and letting your hair grow out on its own.

When the detox shampoo was used, it was often used with a hair detox method like Jerry G Method or Macujo Method. Detox hair methods allow you to use your shampoo in specific ways to get rid of drug toxins in your hair.


Many shampoo creators followed in the steps of Nexxus, doing their best to sell products that mimic the formula and results of aloe rid.

With the surge of companies trying to replicate aloe rid, it opened the door for fake products and low quality options that do not prove to be effective for many drug users.

Some of the aloe rid shampoo options only work to remove THC from hair and others only work for drug users who are light users. Daily users of substances like heroin, methamphetamines, or cocaine, need a stronger formulated shampoo to detox hair from these drugs.


Detox Shampoos vs. Clarifying Shampoos

In order to get the right, high quality products you need to help you pass your test, you must know what you are looking for.


Detoxifying hair shampoos are made to get rid of toxins from your hair while clarifying shampoos are made to be daily cleansing shampoos. This is something users need to be careful of because there are products advertised as detox shampoos that are actually clarifying shampoos and will not work like aloe rid detox shampoo to remove the drugs from follicles.


Hair follicle detox shampoos that are supposed to be similar to aloe rid, come in lots of options, but are definitely not the same. You want to look for aloe rid type shampoo that is detoxifying and works for any kind of drug and any amount of drugs used.

There are various shampoos that work well as weed detox shampoos, but do not work for other kinds of drugs. Below is a review of five of the most common detox shampoos like aloe rid and their pros and cons.


Aloe Rid Drug Detox Shampoo Pros and Cons


aloe rid by nexxus

Nexxus aloe rid


  • Original shampoo works well to remove drugs from hair
  • Formulated to treat and condition hair


  • Expensive
  • Can cause dryness to hair and scalp
Although the most effective and original aloe rid, because of the price tag, this keeps some people from being able to use it to help them pass drug tests. Over the years, newer types of drug detox shampoos like aloe rid have been created at more cost effective prices.



aloe toxin rid ale rid shampoo pumped from gallons

Aloe Toxin Rid


  • Shampoo made to be hydrating for the hair and scalp
  • Less dryness and itchiness of scalp
  • Pumped from Gallons


  • Only works will low levels of marijuana
  • Does not work for all types of drugs
  • It will not work for heavy drug users
  • This aloe rid version is not strong enough to get rid of the drugs in your hair
Must stop using drugs for best results For example, if you have just two to three days before your test and you smoke weed, it is said that you can scrub your hair with this shampoo vigorously and it will remove the drugs. Unfortunately, for many users, this is not the case.


aloe rid test pass detox shampoo

Test Pass Shampoo


  • Inexpensive


  • Small bottle size of only 2 ounces – single use per bottle
  • Only cleans the hair shaft
  • Not effective at helping users to pass hair follicle drug testing
  • Cheaply made
  • Much less potent than aloe rid


zydot ultra clean aloe rid shampoo

Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo


  • Easy to use
  • Helps remove impurities from your hair
  • Gentle enough to condition your hair while it cleanses


  • Not as powerful on its own as aloe rid
  • Needs to be used with another shampoo to get rid of all drug toxins
  • Not effective at helping users to pass hair follicle drug testing



macujo aloe rid shampoo

Macujo Aloe Rid (Best option)


  • Available in larger (6 ounce) bottle
  • Each bottle gives you up to 15 washes
  • Macujo aloe rid shampoo is better than regular aloe rid because it contains higher propylene glycol content.
  • Completely removes drugs from hair
  • Best Value and Effectiveness of all of these drug detox shampoo options
  • Works on any kind of drug
  • Works for light to heavy users
  • Includes Full Instructions and Support to pass your hair drug test
  • Money back guarantee


  • None



Where to buy Aloe Rid detox shampoo near me

Businesses like Walmart and Amazon sell detox shampoos like aloe rid and also allow other companies to sell their products through them.

When buying a shampoo, it is recommended that you buy it right from the manufacturer so you can make sure it is the real product. For example, purchasing Macujo aloe rid shampoo is a smart choice because it always is factory sealed directly from the manufacturer.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when deciding on a detoxification shampoo is the quality of it.

Make sure you read reviews and do your research about the product before buying it to see if it will work for you.

Make sure that you do your research on appropriate hair detox methods like Macujo method to know how the aloe rid works with it. Getting a shampoo directly from a manufacturer is a much better and safer option because you actually get what you pay for.

Many of the cheap options from bigger stores are very poor quality or are fake aloe rid products that are not designed to actually help you pass a hair follicle test situation. Be sure that you take the time to look up information and reviews on aloe rid to find the high quality shampoo that will work for you.


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