How I passed my Hair follicle drug test (Verified)

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Take it from me; needing to pass a hair drug test is annoying and scary….

My employer requested a hair drug screen randomly for my job. I’m a drug user and was sure that I wouldn’t be able to pass the test because I was currently using drugs. At first, I panicked at the sure thought that I would fail a drug test. I needed my job. I could not afford to fail, in more ways than one.

I knew there had to be other drug users with this issue, so I did some research online. There were lots of opinions on hair drug shampoo and methods to use to remove drugs from hair, but it was confusing to figure out what to use. I was worried about passing a hair follicle test for alcohol and cocaine. I stopped using drugs when I found out about my hair test because I also read that you obviously have to do that to have a chance at passing drug tests.

Be aware of fake products!

There is a lot of stuff out there that just doesn’t work. Several of the products and methods available, like Jerry G Method, didn’t work for me. I tried random at home hair drug test kit materials to see if the products were working to get rid of the drugs in my hair and they did not seem very reliable. Some results read that the drugs were gone from my hair, but when I tried another kit, it read that the drugs were still detected. I couldn’t figure out what was going on because I was using the drug detox shampoos and methods as suggested by the instructions. I realized, after more searching online, that I was using fake products that weren’t going to remove the type of drugs I was using from my hair.

Mike’s Macujo Method

I kept seeing posts online for Mike’s Macujo Method and decided to take a chance with these products after nothing else worked for me. Something different about Mike’s Macujo Method customer service is that they are actually available and helpful. I called and talked to Mike directly before I started this process to get full support with all my questions. Mike really knows his stuff!

What did Mike Macujo recommend for me?

He suggested that I use Macujo Aloe Rid® shampoo because it works on any kind of drug no matter the amount of it that I used. I made sure to ask if this hair detox shampoo worked for EtG hair tests and he assured me that it literally works for any kind of drug. The detox shampoo came with instructions that were understandable and Mike also pointed me to their website for video links to watch to learn more about the method and how to use my products.


I also purchased Mike Macujo’s Home Hair Test Kit to get an accurate check if the drugs were still showing up in my hair. I liked this hair follicle test kit because it was easy to use and came with good instructions. I got results from my kit in just a few days after I mailed it to the requested address.


He recommended I clean my hair with this method at least 15 times to make sure I got everything out. There is information on his website where you can find out how many times you should repeat the method to make sure your hair is clean based on your specific drug use. Also, Mike gave me tips like using a fresh towel and a new comb to use during the process so I did not contaminate my hair.

The Result

After trying products that were low quality and didn’t work for my drug use type or amount, I was thrilled to find that Mike’s Macujo hair method WORKED. I passed my hair test drug screen! I followed Mike’s method completely as recommended and was met with effective results. These drug detox products are definitely real. They are high quality and are the only products that helped me pass my hair test for drugs. Mike’s Macujo Method reviews I read online also mention others having success with this method because of the potency of the products.


In my opinion, the Macujo Method and the products and customer service offered by Mike are completely worth it. This was the only way I was successful at passing my test. If you are asking yourself how to pass a hair follicle drug test, You should definitely give this stuff a try if you need to get through a hair test. Just make sure that you follow the directions and call and ask questions if you have them.

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