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Drug Ingestion And Testing

Drug ingestion is a practice that is condemned by all but done by most of the youth none the less. While many consume drugs out of addiction, there are others who try it for the first time just for the sake of adventure and recreation. No matter what the reason might be, taking drugs can get one in serious trouble as most of these substances produce metabolites that remain in the body and can be detected even years after the consumption actually took place. If these tests ever turn out positive, not only is the person under the risk of losing out on career opportunities, he might as well have to face prison time. Drug ingestion in the smallest of quantities thus becomes one of the biggest regrets of life when one has to face such dire consequences. Thankfully there are now products available in the market and on the web that can help achieve complete detoxification fast.

The Hair Drug Test

Conducting random drug tests is a common practice in private corporates where the employees are have to undergo certain procedures in order to ensure that they have not been involved in substance abuse. Amongst such tests, the hair drug test is conducted most commonly because of its high accuracy and economical procedure. The test involves taking a hair sample form the employee’s head or body and then treating the sample with a variety of chemicals in order to detect the presence of specific illegal substances such as marijuana and cocaine. The test however has one drawback. If not conducted properly, it can return positive for substances that might have been consumed a long time back by the subject. This drawback is severe in terms of its consequences and as such those undergoing the test are always sceptic about taking it. In fact, a large number of people who are working in private companies are trying to figure out how to pass the hair drug test whenever they are required to take one.

Products available to this effect

The first thing that people need to keep in mind while trying to pass a hair drug test is that if they have consumed any substances in the past, it is highly likely that they will fail the test and no amount of home remedies would help in this cause. What they need is quick and efficient cleansing of their hair so that all of the metabolites are removed from their follicles. A variety of products are now available in the market and on the web that promise such results. Online websites such as offer products specific to hair such as the Ultra-Cleanse Shampoo which guarantee complete detoxification making one ready for a hair drug test if he or she ever has to take one. Another product from the same website known as the Supreme Klean permanent detox kit removes all toxins from the hair, saliva and blood thus cleansing the entire body. It should however be noted that although these products aim at cleansing the body for passing drug tests, they do not aim at encouraging substance abuse amongst its customers. Drug ingestion is a bane to society and should not be practiced even for the sake of recreation.



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